Join us and create impactful change

At Executive Velocity Blog, we know building the best teams starts with meaning, purpose, and a sense of belonging. We’ve built a company that fully supports employee needs so that people can be at their best for all they do — at work, and in life.

Guiding principles

Do less, deliver more.

We focus on the work that will contribute the most to our mission and then execute to the best of our abilities.

Extreme ownership.

We are fully responsible for our work. When things go poorly, we relish the opportunity to learn from it and improve.

Work to learn.

We’re curious, willing-to-be-wrong, agile learners. This means we engage with work as a playscape on which to discover, learn, and realize our full potential.

Bias toward action.

We prefer to act rather than wait and see. When we identify an opportunity to make a difference, we move on it.

Be yourself.

We hire whole people — meaning we celebrate and recognize you for all aspects of your life journey. We are a diverse team with an ambition to help people flourish. This ambition for us starts internally.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is central to how we optimize our employee’s ability to thrive at Executive Velocity Blog. We created our Executive Velocity Blog program to build practices that foster cultural inclusion and workplace belonging. Additionally, we prioritize DEIB education so every employee can be a better human first, and an employee second.